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A Bit About Us

What is Springtide?


Springtide has been initiated by Valérie Dereymaeker, known as Lady Bush Pilot, Olimpia Barbarulo and Jonathan de Bosscher in March 2021. Doctor Adolphe Nyakasane, founder of the NGO Kesho Congo, proposed us to create a partnership aiming to receive support for their daily fight against child malnutrition and hunger in Bukavu, in the region of South-Kivu, Congo. The work of Springtide is divided in 2 main phases.


The first phase consists in accomplishing our mission which is focused on 2 core activities :


  1. Raise funds for the Kesho Congo organization in order to assist them with financial support to develop their infrastructures

  2. Raising awareness on their work and sensibilizing people on the subject of child malnutrition and hunger.

The second phase of this project will be to undertake a plane trip from Brussels to Bukavu, it will be possible thanks to the great collaboration with Lady Bush Pilot. 

The plane trip will be the symbol of the connection created between the Kesho Congo organization, Lady Bush Pilot and the Springtide team. This experience will be object of video documentation, an additional chance to spread awareness on our work and collaboration with Kesho Congo.

Once arrived In Bukavu, we will be visiting the nutritional center, meet the members and volunteers of Kesho Congo but also get in touch with the children and their families to understand theirs needs and hopefully contribute to a positive change in their own life.


Jonathan de Bosscher, co-founder of Springtide

"My motivation for this project is the opportunity to be the link in between communities and participate in a positive change within our society"


Olimpia Barbarulo, co-founder of Springtide

"I aspire to make my work valuable to others, by creating a connection among different communities and encouraging a brighter future for the youngest generations"

Meet the team

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