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Kesho Congo

Building healthy and resilient communitites

About Kesho Congo

''Malnutrition is a violation of children rights''

The Kesho Congo organization operates in the region of South Kivu, where the rate of chronic child malnutrition is 61%, causing: death, infirmity, chronic vulnerability to diseases, intellectual disability and other harmful factors to the development of children.


Kesho Congo and its nutritional center are committed to proposing local and sustainable solutions. They provide the children mostly with cookies and porridge containing: soy, sorgo, corn and kaupi.

Kaupi leaves are processed with a specific technique that enhances its protein concentrate to 60%. Leaves are crushed, then squizzed producing a green juice that will be heated to obtain a protein concentrate by thermocoagulation. Then the concentrate is put into a solar dryer to keep it free from humidity. The mix of these crops, rich in micronutrients, allows to solve cases within 2-3 weeks.


The nutritional center receives 90 children per day, each of them a maximum of 3 times a week. In the remaining days, nutritional classes are provided to the mothers in order to prevent cases of hunger and malnutrition.

Kesho Congo is also committed to empowering rural women thanks to the use of local crops, to encourage peace, human rights and democracy through arts, dances and poems.

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Medical check-up of the children is performed at the nutritional center.


The nutritional center hosts many children up to three times a week.


This is the kitchen of the nutritional center.


The nutritional center and the Kesho Congo team.


The Nobel prize winner Denis Mukwege is a supporter of Kesho Congo and Adolphe Niakasane.

This is
Kesho Congo

Dr Mukwege, Nobel Peace
Price’s testimony

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